Bug Reports

Midori always appears on the right in the tutorial [Bug Reports] (1)
Grave's Sash can get Stuck in Jittery Animation on Character Select [Bug Reports] (1)
Geiger does not have his watch in intro animations [Bug Reports] (1)
Stuck in Arcade Mode Screen After Ranked Match [Bug Reports] (1)
Failing to Connect in Friend Match Results in Unresponsive Online Menus [Bug Reports] (1)
Can't connect to anyone [Bug Reports] (4)
Wrong face animation after getting hit by "cinematic" [Bug Reports] (2)
Jaina Holds Two Bows in One Hand in Victory Pose [Bug Reports] (2)
Main Menu Lighting can still be wrong [Bug Reports] (1)
Acid Breath Animates in the Wrong Direction [Bug Reports] (1)
Jaina Floating Bow [Bug Reports] (2)
Options menu accessible when it shouldn't be [Bug Reports] (1)
Setsuki Armor [Bug Reports] (2)
Display Driver Crash [Bug Reports] (9)
Leaving Survival Mode menus returned to Results screen with -1 opponents [Bug Reports] (1)
Hard crash during yomi counter [Crash Reports] (1)
Softlock after a Desynchronization Disconection in Game 2 [Bug Reports] (2)
100% Reproducible Desyncs with DeGrey's Ghost [Bug Reports] (1)
After desync, going into online menu but not requeuing got me an online match [Bug Reports] (1)
Clicking to leave queue in Survival disables entire HUD [Bug Reports] (1)
Multiple Character Appear in Training Mode after Completing a Ranked Match Tournament; Characters Unresponsive to Input [Bug Reports] (2)
Certain moves do not display proper frame statistics [Bug Reports] (1)
Midori jnA does not display proper frame advantage/stats [Bug Reports] (1)
Dragon nA does not display proper frame advantage [Bug Reports] (1)
3 simultaneous clips on Arg's animation [Bug Reports] (1)
DeGrey immune to strikes and throws after ghost grabs an opponent immediately entering juggle state [Bug Reports] (2)
Throwing a survival Grave for KO as DeGrey plays death cry early sometimes [Bug Reports] (1)
Strange behaviour after casual match desync [Bug Reports] (1)
Letter in rank emblem renders over top of controller configuration overlay [Bug Reports] (1)
Very High Ping (300ms) Matches Cause Repeated Animation Loops [Bug Reports] (1)