Bug Reports

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When spectating a Ranked match, the player name on the results screen is incorrect [Bug Reports] (1)
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I tested how every move interacts with itself when used on the same frame [Bug Reports] (14)
Casual DC (GGPO Last user added frame nullframe) [Bug Reports] (2)
Dropped and repeated inputs with Vsync [Bug Reports] (5)
After spectating someone, the rank displayed on online menu and Ranked menu is the spectated rank [Bug Reports] (1)
Season 1 stats reflect the same levels as Season 2 stats [Bug Reports] (1)
Getting sent into a casual match just as a survival match is starting creates unexpected state [Bug Reports] (1)
Accepting a Friendly match as casual game starts sends the game into a weird state [Bug Reports] (1)
Spectating icon for the one being spectated does not update properly [Bug Reports] (1)
Opponent Disconnecting from Ranked match queued me in Casual [Bug Reports] (1)
Game Mostly Became Unresponsive in Training Mode [Bug Reports] (1)
Slight misinformation in DeGrey's move list [Bug Reports] (2)
Unable to queue for online matchmaking or challenge friends [Bug Reports] (2)
Forced From Ranked Match To Strange Computer Mirror Match [Bug Reports] (1)
Game freeze after opponent disconnect in quick match [Bug Reports] (1)
Profile Screen Incorrectly Displays Daily Challenge Results [Bug Reports] (2)
Controller maps to both players [Bug Reports] (1)
Unable to challenge friends to a match [Bug Reports] (1)
Dragon Super meter draining during super flash after yomi counter [Bug Reports] (1)
Constant inputs when connecting Switch Pro Controller [Bug Reports] (1)
Desync [Bug Reports] (1)