Bug Reports

Thunderclap momentum transferring to rook regular throw knockdown [Bug Reports] (1)
Changing language while player profile screen is open shows original language's season names [Bug Reports] (1)
Lum bomb not true blockstring bug [Bug Reports] (1)
Geiger's watch animation is incorrectly timed [Bug Reports] (2)
Mid-Match Freeze: Setsuki vs Rook [Bug Reports] (1)
Game forces me to play a different color than what I chose [Other Reports] (2)
When DeGrey is doing his entrance attack in survival mode, the game drops to 0 FPS [Bug Reports] (3)
Survival Mode Damage After Round Pause [Bug Reports] (4)
Midori’s Move List opens in an inconsistent state when in Dragon Form [Bug Reports] (1)
An unknown enemy appears [Bug Reports] (1)
Grave's Lightning Cloud can still go through Jaina in the corner [Bug Reports] (5)
Sliding Block (and bonus slot machine animation bug) [Bug Reports] (1)
Some supers have frames where the other player's moves can activate [Bug Reports] (2)
GGPO Assertion error and lost connection with opponent [Bug Reports] (1)
From Kasumi: can't go back to the title [Bug Reports] (2)
Proximity pushblock projectile cancel bug [Bug Reports] (5)
Inaccurate left/right button history [Bug Reports] (1)
Mysterious 7/T button [Bug Reports] (2)
Setsuki goes the wrong way when combo'ing Jump C into A [Other Reports] (2)
Midori vs Rook throw KO [Bug Reports] (1)
Survival mode crowns not reset [Bug Reports] (1)
Controller dropped out, crashed a little while later [Crash Reports] (1)
Can't get a match in Ranked Mode [Bug Reports] (1)
Entering “Play Online” menu after spectating a game was… weird [Bug Reports] (1)
Friends screen page change doesn’t reset cursor position [Bug Reports] (1)
Rook (player) versus Midori Arcade Mode Special Throw Loop [Bug Reports] (1)
Caused Desyncs online by going to button config [Bug Reports] (3)
Tutorial Bug: Frozen Midori 2nd Sparring Match [Bug Reports] (2)
Random crash during an online ranked match [Crash Reports] (2)
Daily Challenge Soft-lock [Bug Reports] (1)