Bug Reports

While not the host in friendly match, can't get the menu away after opening it. Also can't move up or down [Bug Reports] (2)
Setsuki / Midori Starlight Tumbler throw bug [Bug Reports] (3)
In friendly match, if he leaves while I'm in the move list, the move list doesn't go away [Bug Reports] (2)
Quick Match erases Arcade progress [Bug Reports] (2)
Avast blocking Fantasy Strike [Other Reports] (3)
Valerie Rainbow Stroke doesn't avoid DeGrey's Ghost [Other Reports] (2)
Quickmatch with no opponent and a few oddities more [Bug Reports] (1)
Character continues to fight after player disconnected [Bug Reports] (1)
Random frame rate drops [Bug Reports] (9)
Poison kill + time over [Bug Reports] (2)
Valerie 3rd B sometimes giving the wrong version of the move [Bug Reports] (1)
Setsuki Bug Cancel Into Super V 0.12189 [Bug Reports] (2)
Lum's Mini Rook Item did no damage [Bug Reports] (3)
Menu Input Mode issues when set to gamepad and playing on kb [Bug Reports] (1)
Dragon wings spasm after back throw [Bug Reports] (2)
If you queue, and get into a friend match while queued, you are likely to disconnect from game [Bug Reports] (2)
Argagarg's Poison Fish pushed off screen (Is this a bug or a feature?) [Bug Reports] (5)
Argagarg - Blue fish causes block damage [Other Reports] (3)
Disconnection during online QM games [Bug Reports] (1)
Free Experience after character switch (Quick Match Postgame) [Bug Reports] (2)
Dimmed screen during match. (From Menu Overlay) [Bug Reports] (2)
Midori loses purple poison effect when changing between forms [Bug Reports] (2)
Lum opponent Quickstanding after yomi counter [Bug Reports] (3)
Geiger plinked throw wastes gear meter [Bug Reports] (2)
Geiger back throw stopped existing [Bug Reports] (2)
Argagarg - Two wins, One round [Bug Reports] (4)
Argagarg grab guaranteed after JS blockstun [Bug Reports] (1)
Argagarg cannot be moved while knocked down [Bug Reports] (2)
(Potential) Lum Throw frame data bug [Bug Reports] (2)
Setsuki Wrong way ground B throw [Bug Reports] (3)