Bug Reports

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Missing Background after match [Other Reports] (3)
Muffled music after friend request (controller) [Bug Reports] (1)
Midori's Parry not Working Bug 2 [Other Reports] (2)
Random Unpredicatable Crash on Desktop and Menu Slowdown on Laptop [Crash Reports] (1)
Super VFX play on block (Jaina) [Bug Reports] (1)
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Black Screen on Startup [Bug Reports] (3)
Steam In-home Streaming FS Does Not Accept Controller Inputs [Bug Reports] (4)
Loss of internet connection on start-up [Bug Reports] (3)
Rook f-A hitbox bug [Bug Reports] (1)
Setsuki f-A -VS- Geiger f-A [Bug Reports] (1)
Misplaced Score Effects during KOs with Altered Camera Angles [Bug Reports] (1)
Midori Perfect as Dragon [Bug Reports] (2)