Available platforms at launch and beyond


Has there been any decision made on what platforms FS will be built for apart from PC/Mac? The last I saw on here was a thread from over 6 months ago.

I’d love to see a native Linux build for it, maybe not necessarily at release, but eventually!


Noted that you want a Linux build.

We have announced Steam (Mac and PC) as well as PlayStation 4 so far.


Awesome, and thanks for the quick reply =)


I think my question should probably go here. Is there any likelihood of this game coming to the Nintendo Switch? I would really love to see this on there, especially because the controls seem to fit perfectly on the single joy con, which would allow you to play with 2 players anywhere with just the base console, and with a game like this, id really love to be able to do that.
Thanks for your time, and have a good day!


Yes that’s true that the controls happen to fit perfectly on a JoyCon. If we support more platforms we’ll definitely let you know.


Have a good day


Hi Dave

Great to see you’re active in the comments. I loved your book, got me back into the FGC after more than a decade out of it!

Anyway - on topic - is it possible to pledge just for a PS4 version on Fig, or does that have to be an add-on to the PC version?

Thanks for your time.



I believe he’s said elsewhere that it’s only available as an add-on for the Steam version during the Fig campaign.


Ah ok - thanks very much for replying :slight_smile: