Best player for every character


Is who are the best players for the various characters known?

Personally I’ve only met 2 absurdly good players: a Valerie and a DeGrey. The Valerie’s name was MR.T(something, all caps), completely forgot about the DeGrey. I’ve also heard though that Sirlin himself has a mad Valerie.

Also I’ve met a Setsuki wihich was clearly better than I am, but still far from the 2 players above.

Do you guys know anyone else so good he might just be the best with his main?

I’d love get bodied by someone at the top to see how big the gap is!

So far the thread got us:

Grave: Thelo

Jaina: Sirlin, ~What a Beautiful People~

Geiger: garcia1000000, lowtierhero, Heikai

Setsuki: Aphotix

Valerie: Leontes

Rook: CWheezy

Midori: Thelo

DeGrey: Aphotix


I’ve heard only the best things about CWheezy’s Rook. I haven’t played him personally, but I think he is considered the best.


Got him thankss, know of anyone else?


Thelo is widely regarded as the World’s Best Midori.

World’s Best Geiger is in contention between Garcia1000 and Lowtierhero.


Lowtierhero is a funny name for the best Geiger player.

Anyway thanks, I’ll add all of them shorty.

Does anybody know of a best Jaina? She’s my main and I wouldn’t mind stealing some tech.


Sirlin is the best Jaina I have heard of. I dunno if anyone else is equaling him yet.


So I’d have to play the big man himself…

I’ll add him, maybe one day. Thanks.

EDIT: Alright, added them all, even though most will probably lag as hell. So now we still miss Valerie, Setsuki, DeGrey and Grave.


Well clearly I am the best player for all the characters, but aside from that, it’s really hard to say, especially with how few players interact with the forums.

I haven’t seen the old Sirlmeister play as Jaina before, but the best one I ever saw was called -What a Beautiful People- and their keepaway game was tight as shit. They always seemed to know just what the right counter was in any situation.


I’ll look into him. Thanks mate.

EDIT: Can’t find him, maybe he changed name.


I think the - should be ~


Could be.

I only played them a few times.


Yep, got him. Thanks!


Maybe the DeGrey was named BigTimeAphotix or something similar?


Aphotix is a prominent community member (and possibly a friend of Sirlin’s?). So you might be on to something.


Good, because they’re incredible. I just came across them again and they kicked my ass. I only won 3 of the 8 total rounds we played and I was playing as Setsuki who I think we can all say is a pretty rough matchup for Jaina.


Grave: Thelo
Rook: CWheezy
Setsuki: Aphotix
Midori: Thelo

That’s all I know


wow dangerous thread
Heikai had a mean geiger


also mitarashi dango has a pretty terrifying geiger


That’s a lot of people to train against, thanks fellas!

EDIT: can’t find this mitarashi dango dude.


What’s Thelo’s Steam username?