First Ever Online Tournament Discussion


That’s a real shame, considering you’re one of the best so far. But I think the turnout will be better on the weekend than on a weekday.

Depending on how long the tournament takes to run, I might be able to put them on a weeknight, but I’ll consider that in the future.


We could consider doing weeklies on a weekday, but we would probably need to wait for improvements in the online functionality first…


I really wanted to see CWheezy, that’s a shame.


@Bomber678 I think you could use some of the rules from Capcom Pro Tour to see what regions they allow to play in their online qualifiers, to give you some pointers to what regions you allow playing against eachother.


Ok so I figure it’s best to run this on a Saturday afternoon/evening America time, and my first free Sunday morning is the 22nd.
So if people agree Saturday is best, I’ll tentatively pop that date in.


Did u happen to have a time u were thinking of starting it?

on a sidenote Sunday would be my vote!


Saturday definitely works for me.


For the first online tournament, pick a day that works for YOU. Keep in mind AUS time and know that you will get more EU/NA players (prolly) if you pick a time that works for them. You won’t be able to include everyone. Just do single elim best 2/3 (maybe finals 3/5?). Have checkin 30mins before.

It’s better for the early ones to make them quick and easy.

Once you finalize a date/time, have a mod post an announcement in Discord, pin a thread on Steam and here. Maybe even post it on SRK ( ^^;;; ).

If you want any help, lemme know, I’ve run a lot of online tournaments.


I’m interested. I think it would be cool if people recorded their matches (if possible).


Is there a reliable software that can do it for free? I’d be down to spend money on it but only if I knew this would be a regular thing.


Nvidia Shadowplay, and I think streaming software like XSplit and OBS allow you to do a local recording.


Yes yes, I am aware. Back when yomi was a thing I helped run and manage the international yomi league. This ain’t my first rodeo!

As for the time, I’m thinking early afternoon America so that I can pull in the eu evening crowd. That equates to about 7 or 8 am for me, which is ok.

The reason I ask what day people think is optimal (Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon) is in the interests of pulling in as many people as possible.
Depending on when I run it, any of those times are fine for me, I just want the max players.

I record things with OBS, which is free.
I am looking into different avenues to stream the tournament.


lipehique from discord here. Count me in


Also just in case that post wasn’t clear, tentatively the 21st for Americans, 22nd for me.


Are you sure you want US and EU people in the same tourney though? In MK9 I had to abort a tournament because of lag, so be careful.


Why would it need to be aborted? You just play the match and you experience lag, and it sucks, but that’s what happens sometimes.
It’s open to everyone so we can as many signups as possible.

On an unrelated note, how late are you willing to go? This affects start time.


I aborted it because playing a tournament where over half the matches were borderline playable didn’t make much sense.


Everyone entering this tournament should be aware that there will certainly be lag.


Depends how much and how often really.


How do you record without spectate?