Incorrect or missing Frame Data Round-up


Almost everything has been fixed, thanks to the devs for the work on minutiae!

Ground B Hold and jC Ground B: Hitstun is unlisted, listed as KD. These fireballs only KD when close.

gS recovery is listed as 10f, when actually 8f

Counter hit bA listed as +4 on hit, should be KD

gB: first hit listed as -20 on block, but really should be like -9? people with 8F normals can beat the throw on block

jS: If done low enough to the ground, the active frames list as 1, should be 52

gB: Listed as -13 on block, actually -14

jB, minimum height: Listed as -27 on block, is closer to -11

S:Dragon form listed as having 44 recovery frames, should be 0. Transformation back into human listed as 43 recovery frames, should be 10?


Geiger’s ground super has 10f of vulnerability at the end. 2f of that is just before the cinematic ends, 8f of it is after the cinematic ends.


If I am grave vs geiger, and geiger whiffs time stop, I cannot punish with grave nA. Imo that means 8f of recovery, not 10