Little quality-of-life improvement ideas

  • Tutorial finish by “breadcrumbing” in some way to the in-game guide videos. Like Midori asks you if you’d like to learn more about a fighting style or something and if you say “yes” you get taken straight there.
  • In-game videos finish with a direction to the pages for more info about frame data or technical details of the game etc. Maybe make it clickable in the Steam version, I don’t know if PS4 or Switch have built in web browsers though.

Send gems to friends.

YES. This guide covers so many questions people generally ask about this game that it really ought to be available in-game.

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It would be cool if there were a little modal popup window after you received a gift of the core pack, saying “You have received the Core Pack as a gift from [name]” or something like that. My understanding is that, right now, if you receive the core pack as a gift, the main indication is that the restrictions just sort of quietly disappear

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From CWheezy in chat: Onimaru guard crush toggle in training mode would be useful

There should be an option to prevent accidental pausing by holding the pause button for a second. It does not happen to me that much, though Ive been hitting the pause button during online matches a little more often than I’d ever thought I would, lol.