Questions and observations from my games

This post has a little mix of questions and observations, so I wasn’t sure the best category to put in, but I didn’t really want to spam the forum with multiple posts.

  1. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but using an XBox360 wired controller on the Steam version, occasionally my character will throw out a move I am not intending (and certainly aren’t pressing the button for). I guess this is kind of a bug report, but I cannot find a way to reliably reproduce it.

  2. When Valerie is doing her combo that hits 2x from the front then crosses to 1 hit at the rear, is it possible to block all hits? or is that a guaranteed hit? Because I’ve tried switching my controller’s direction as the cross occurs, but I still get hit.

  3. When I was fighting Argagarg, I was poisoned, then my opponent just kept blocking. I inflicted so many hits that they took the chip damage, but the poison didn’t drop like it does with a regular hit. Is this intended?

  4. Midori’s regular throw seems to be non-Yomi-able. Is this intended? It doesn’t appear to be mentioned anywhere.

  5. How come Jaina’s C move inflicts self-damage? Not arguing whether it should or it shouldn’t, but it seems an interesting choice when others have invulnerable moves yet nobody else takes damage for their moves.

1). There’s a known bug with Xbox One controller and the Unity game engine. It’s mentioned here. Someday Unity will fix it.

  1. The third hit is blockable, and it’s common to do so (you have to hold the correct lef/right direction to do so). You can verify this in practice mode, where you can frame by frame it to see that it’s always blockable.

  2. As far as I know, this is false. Taking block damage while poisoned really does advance the poison to the next chunk of life, the same way as it does if you take real damage.

  3. This is definitely false. Midori’s normal throw is yomi counterable. If you think it isn’t, maybe you are in practice mode and have yomi counters set to off, which is intentionally is set that way by default. Pause training mode to turn them on.

  4. Invulnerable “reversal” moves need some sort of drawback or design consideration in a game where you can do them instantly when you press a button (no input time needed to do a joystick motion). One drawback is a move can have more startup time, but it’s good to have other kinds of drawback so everything isn’t so samey. Jaina has had self-damage from over-extending herself in her games for 10 years now, so it’s a natural fit. And it works well, because it means you don’t use that move constantly (we don’t want you to), but it’s still reasonable to use the move. It’s pretty good actually.

Thanks for the replies

  1. I think you’ve got me the wrong way around. I’m Jaina, vs an Argagarg. If I get poisoned, and I hit Argagarg, I lose the poison (as expected), but if I just fire a volley of arrows and Argagarg blocks all of them - even so much that he starts to lose life, I still don’t lose the poison.

  2. I’m pretty sure but I will double check (I’ve just booted it up, but can’t seem to find a Yomi option in practice). Maybe I had changed something between practice sessions, but it’s late and I’ll have another look tomorrow.


  1. It’s working as intended that block damage doesn’t end poison there.

  2. You’re pretty sure of what? There is no way in the world Midori’s throw is un-yomi-counterable. It definitely is yomi-counterable and would be completely broken otherwise. (Normal throws can’t be jumped out of, so if you couldn’t yomi counter either, there would be no escape at all on wakeup for several characters.)

In practice mode, the very first option at the top middle of the screen is “Yomi Counter” set to “Never” (the default), “Always”, or “Random”.


And yes, it’s odd, I must have not had the Yomi on when testing (which was odd, because I tested a few different characters, and that’s why I had come to that conclusion)… Anyway, yeah, my bad. Sorry :slight_smile: