Random DeGrey Thoughts


As I’m exploring DeGrey, here are random thoughts that have come to me. In no way am I saying that these are high-level play notes. I am not the DeGrey authority. Without further ado:

Random DeGrey Thoughts:

Only use bA once a year (Credit: Aphotix). It’s a callout move. A blocked bA completely kills your momentum.
Heavily prefer ground ghost over air ghost. You can cover more ground walking behind the ghost this way.
Air super is better than ground super in most matchups (Credit: CWheezy).
AA->AA is not real. The opponent can choose to throw between the two strings. In response, you can delay the second A in the first AA to counter hit their throw if they choose to mash throw or Yomi.
Using B often seems not to be a good idea. Do not use BB or BC except on reaction to something. On block it is very unsafe. You can, however, space BB to be safe on block.
It seems BA or Bnothing is a decent followup to an AA or an fA.
Rarely use jBB. It’s very unsafe. One situational use is to chip out someone at the end of the round. As an aside, try to use jA more than jB.
A strong series against no reversal characters is BA->fA->BA. You can threaten bA against their response to your fA (Credit: CWheezy).
Following up a knockdown with jA is more ambiguous than jC (Credit: CWheezy) if you have the room and time.

Ambiguous Safejump:
Forward Throw: For the most ambiguous safejump after a forward throw, walk backwards for 7 frames, then jump forward. Use jA at least 23 frames after inputting the jump forward. The result will be a same side aerial hit, but DeGrey will end up on the opposite side of the opponent. Walking backwards for a frame less results in a crossup. A frame more guarantees staying on the same side. Visual tip: His back knee will be bent and slightly forward of his front leg when you need to start jumping.

Back Throw: For the most ambiguous safejump after a back throw, walk backwards for 12 frames, then jump forward. Use jA before the 28th frame after inputting the jump to hit on the same side and land on the same side. Use jA at the 28th frame or later to get a crossup. Walking backwards for one less frame will result in missing your aerial. Walking more frames will require delaying your hit longer. Visual tip: His back knee will be slightly behind his front leg when you need to start jumping.

Character Specific:

DeGrey’s jA will hit Argagarg’s A if done early. (Credit: Thelo and CWheezy).
DeGrey’s jA will lose to Argagarg’s bA. Argagarg’s bA hurts.
DeGrey’s ground ghost will stop everything (including arms) except poison fish. Ghost will be canceled by the wave fish.
Play extremely carefully when Argagarg has bubble shield. Avoiding bubble shield 50% of the time means you’re doing great (Credit: Aphotix).

Don’t retreat. Ground ghost to get inside.

Don’t retreat or let him throw items.
You can fA mini-Lum.

You can respond to a Setsuki B on block with BB regardless of followup. On hit, prefer BA because she can recover fast enough to block BB.

You can respond to a yellow crossup with BB (Credit: CWheezy) on hit and block. Trying to ground super her yellow crossup only works on block, not on hit. (Credit: CWheezy).
Valerie’s C pushes you just far enough back that you are out of range of grabbing her. Since it puts her at -1 on block, at best you can trade with A if she does A. But, it loses to her throw (Credit: CWheezy).
From limited time playing against her, a key situation seems to be after she does BBC.