Random Thoughts and Ideas Thread


So hey, I thought maybe I’d just sort of start a thread for random miscellaneous little ideas that seem like they might be cool or silly or fun or just a nice little bit of polish. You know. One Day™.

IDEA: Troq should still have Giant Growth, but it should make him about Dragon-sized. In return, his normal size should be tiny like Setsuki

IDEA: What if Quince had a timer-based super like Midori, except when he used it, every time he moved one way he created a short-lasting illusion of himself walking the other way (like, fades away after maybe 30f?) or jumping or something like that

IDEA: If Garth winds up getting added to the game, it would be cool if he had a sort of Zato-One thing going on, except that instead of standing in a pool of weaponized shadow, he was carried by skeletal arms sticking out of the ground (and maybe he could have a throw that pulls the opponent underground with skeletal arms?). Maybe Garth himself does very little movement and lets his Skeltal Army doot all the fighting for him?

IDEA: What if Zane had 5½ HP? Like, effectively 6 HP, but he loses ties if the timer runs out, and Arg’s poison takes half as long to do that last hit

IDEA: If you get to the last stage of Arcade mode without losing a round, replace Midori with Deathstrike Dragon, who I guess would basically be a black-based recolor of Dragon, but who also just stays as Dragon 100% of the time

IDEA: When DeGrey does his JUUUSTIIIICE special version of BB, mirror the animation so that he uses his other hand to punch, with his back to the camera (thus also crucially implying that DeGrey has named his fists “Truth” and “Justice”)


IDEA: Simplified tag-team fighter?

• Give both players access to at least some of the wackier special moves from Boss Rush and also the powered-up supers

• Both players pick two characters and start with substantially longer life bars than usual (probably 2–3× usual, given the above ways to increase damage)

• 50% of of the way down the life bar, there is a marker for “character down,” and if that point is reached, the point character is out

• BUT when you tag, the “character down” marker is reset to 50% of CURRENT life (and presumably there’s a cooldown on tagging)

• If snapbacks are added through whatever means, presumably they would reset the “character down” marker to its previous position, in order to enable that sort of “bring them back in to finish them off” option


IDEA: What if, as part of her emphasis on relentless rushdown, Gwen had a charge meter akin to Geiger’s, except that it emptied whenever she pushed back?

IDEA: What if BBB were a sort of “inverse Rook,” with extra HP (7, probably) and a great command grab that only worked from long range, forcing BBB to want to get away from the opponent as a grappler?


What “wackier” special moves do you speak of? I don’t have Steam as of yet, so I’d like to be filled in.


There’s an upcoming mode currently available for Patreon subscribers to play, called Boss Rush, that has additional modified versions of special moves available for everyone as optional powerups

IDEA: Menelker’s stance should have his back to the camera like Genjuro


IDEA: What if Gloria’s overdose move happens whenever she tries to heal at full health. Instead, she takes 1 damage, the opponent takes 1 damage, and some of Gloria’s moves get powered up.


IDEA: it would be kinda neat to have a secret accessibility mode to allow one-handed play, using the shoulder buttons for left/right movement and maybe mapping both sticks to handle menu navigation.


Can’t you do this already by mapping those buttons manually?


The map-a-controller popup is a stopgap thing, and I doubt the console versions will, by default, allow remapping of movement buttons (including menu navigation), so this would definitely have to be a special order rather than an ordinary thing, I think


Good point. I hope they keep the mapping buttons option though. It is extremely useful. Gotta have people play on a guitar y’know.