Recording Playback disables jump with up arrow

Title: Recording Playback disables jump with up arrow

When I replay a dummy recording, it disables the jump with the up arrow (the J button still works).
This only occurs durring the replay, before and after both are working correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In training mode, with the up arrow configured to jump, record some moves.
  2. Play the recording. Only the J buttons works.
  3. After (or before) the replay, both buttons work.

Expected Results:
Both J and up arrow buttons should work everytime.

Actual Results:
Only J works during the replay.

Game Version:

I would double check that player 2 has up to jump turned on

Thanks for the workaround, that helps a lot!
Btw, for the devs, this thread is a duplicate of this one, suggesting the same workaround.

Confirmed that if p1 and p2 have different up-to-jump settings, that can happen. Will be fixed in the next patch. But this thread will be closed now because it’s a duplicate of the same issue in the other thread linked above.