Text missing after opening FS on half screen

Text missing after opening FS on half screen.
Certain text and images don’t appear if FS is opened while windowed on half the screen.
These include:

  • Characters names and colors in various select screens.
  • Characters names before getting into a match.
  • Stage selection pictures and names.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter windowed mode.
  2. Resize the window (draging the FS window to the left/right side of the screen should make it half sized).
  3. Close FS
  4. Reopen FS

Expected Results:
Text n’ Stuff is displayed normally.

Actual Results:
Text n’ Stuff is missing.

All that matters is in what state you open FS.
So if you open FS in a full-sized windowed mode and resize it to half screen, it will still work.

Getting matched:

Practice mode select (Before and after resizing screen)

Boss Rush select

Game Version: