[Tournament] Fantasy Strike International Open 21/10


If that hasnt been patched yet then yeah, ban that shit.


Taking sign-ups right now! Come get em!


Where do we sign up? here? Well count me in either way.


The Official Fantasy Strike Discord.




Thanks everyone for playing!
I ended up running two tournaments, which was rad.

First tournament took about an hour single elim, it was pretty good. Won by Seppuku.

Second tournament was double elim and took about two hours. Squible defeated Seppuku in grand finals from losers. It was very hype.

Congratulations to our two winners! May big supers and many yomi counters come to you!

Also check out @Knektebroe who will be running weekly tournaments!


As the TO, any lessons learned about hosting this? How was streaming it?


Everything actually went really smoothly! People posted their steam profiles in the chat so they could add each other and then challenge, which worked fine. No one had issues with friend matches.
One match did have a desync, but they worked that out on their own. I think they set the game state back to what it was, (score wise) and continued on, which seems like a reasonable solution.

The lag in some matches was quite bad, but it was only to be expected. Only a few people complained about it and were wishing for region locked tournaments, but I can certainly understand it. Playing in lag is not a great time.

Streaming was… ok. I knew it wasn’t going to be super great, but it worked out alright.
According to accounts, it was just barely watchable.
I had Snoc jump in halfway through the second tournament to stream it with a better connection, which improved things slightly.

All in all, everything went pretty well! I definitely can’t wait for spectator mode though.


Just curious, how did you manage to get game footage without spectator mode?


As mentioned earlier in the thread, we streamed discord screen share.
Very inelegant, but some footage is better than no footage!


Ah okay, I missed that. And I agree!


Incidentally, my part of the stream is archived for however long twitch keeps it, but I’m pretty sure I cut out all the matches I streamed into highlights.
Unsure about snoc’s half though.


I might go through and separate out the matches if I get a chance tomorrow evening.


Since the latest round of optimisation, I’ve been getting quite playable matches, even on my Australian internet.
With that as a good sign, I shall run another of these in two weeks!