Which Shadow Expansion character are you most hype for?


I know Menelker for me is #1 looking forward to.

I think Persephone will be my close second.


I desperately want Gloria to have her Overdose be a special where she pulls out a giant syringe, filled with an unidentifiable solution in it, out of hammer space and sticks it into the opponents neck.

I give two points to Gloria and one to Captain Zane


2: BBB
1: Persephone


2 for Zane, 1 for Persephone


I’m most excited to see how Quince plays, illusions should be a really cool mechanic with a lot of hype plays I could see potentially happening.

BBB I also think will be unique, though Zane and Gloria should also be interesting.

+2 Quince
+1 BBB


Welp, the thread got archived, but I’d change my 1 vote from Quince to Menelker. I’ve seen his move list and I’m hype!