Wrong knockdown when using rook C grab



When you knock down the opponent with rook jC, then meaty C grab, they are knocked down for roughly 10 extra frames. I noticed this when tring to do rook C grab > meaty bA and the bA would whiff
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Jump C with Rook
  2. Meaty C Grab
  3. Back A

Expected Results:
Back A hits
Actual Results:
Back A whiffs


Game Version:
System Information:


Additional info:

The grab does not have to be meaty, and applies to the regular, C and super grab.

The opponent will continue to be knocked down for an extended period of time, until the opponent is hit with or blocks an attack. i.e. If you throw loop the opponent, they will continue to have additional wake-up time.

This same bug has likely been present for at least 6 months (without knowing how to reproduce).


Good eye! I’m fixing this for our next update, thanks.