+1 to All Special Moves in Boss Rush Gives Rook's C Too Much Armor

+1 to All Special Moves in Boss Rush Gives Rook’s C Too Much Armor

When I select “+1 to All Special Moves” in boss rush mode as Rook, his command throw gets more than 2 hits of armor. I have seen him power through 2 hits of Valerie’s jA and still have the blue outline throughout his Windmill Crusher cinematic. I have a suspicion it now has infinite armor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Boss Rush as Rook.
  2. Choose “+1 Armor to All Special Moves”
  3. Use C to power through a multi-hit move.

Expected Results:
The power up only gives 1 extra hit to special moves.

Actual Results:
The power up gives more than 1 extra hit to special moves that already have armor.



Game Version:

System Information:

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Hmm, I have tried but failed to reproduce this, I only get 2 points of armor on Rook’s ground C (and ground B). I see Rook’s blue outline disappear after taking 2 hits, and he really does get hit out of the move on the third hit. (Tried vs 2 hits of an enemy bomb, plus an enemy Jaina arrow.)

Edit: Actually, I do see one thing - with the armor powerup, if the Rook C throw connects, then during the cinematic throw animation, Rook will be outlined in blue no matter if he lost armor or not. That’s probably what you saw there, I’ll fix that part.

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