6 quality of life features

Just leaving my feedback here after playing the free weekend demo.
I felt like these quality of life features would improve the game a bit. They’re not too fancy as they’re commonly seen in other fighting games. In order of importance (imo):

  • hitbox viewer for Practice
  • match replay saver
  • dummy input record function for Practice
  • show lettered win markers for each round (something like C=chip kill, D=draw, P=perfect, T=timeout, and V=“regular” victory)
  • little sound feedback upon the Grave-specific full meter
  • win/loss counters saved somewhere, both overall and character-specific

my add on, I wrote it in another thread, is changing the colors of counter and crossup to be different from each other

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Also, making it possible to send messages to people on friendslist?

When it’s on steam you’ll be able to do it through that

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yes, and on PS4 you can just use the friends list. Sorry about that.