After installing nvidia driver 387.92, fps locks to 24 after alt tabbing


after i installed nvidia driver 387.92, fps locks to 24 after alt tabbing.
after game restart its unlocked again.

this is very annoying because i want to to other stuff while waiting for a game.
does anyone have the same problem or know a solution?


have you tried playing windowed?

yeah, same problem

maybe the game locks to 24fps if it runs in the background after alt tabbing, and then when i give it focus again it fails to switch to foreground fps. in this case a solution would be to let it run with full fps in background too, mazbe its unlockable in a config file…

So it’s not just me!

I was running a local tournament and we had to restart the match every time we edited the bracket. Never had that problem before.

In the Discord chat, I seem to recall that it was recently noted that this is actually a bug with Unity itself.

Which, honestly… I mean, that’s about the worst and least satisfying resolution possible to this problem, isn’t it.

so is there no solution?
until sirlin updates the game to a bug-free unity version?

Well, to my understanding, it’s currently Unity’s job to make a new version that doesn’t have the bug, apparently. : \

yeah, and after that sirlin games has to update the game i guess

heres a thread about it, but thats 9 month ago…
i tried both solutions mentioned there, but nothing worked so far

ok i have found a fix, i just tried installing one driver before 387.92, which is 385.69.
after this the bug is no more, also theres not so mucm improvement from 385.69. to 387.92, so as a temporary fix this works for me. just wanted to let ppl know.