Argagarg grab guaranteed after JS blockstun

Summary: If an opponent blocks Argagarg’s JS, and returns to neutral, they can be grabbed at the end of blockstun from JS.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In training, set Yomi Counter to always and opponent to block always.
  2. Perform Argagarg JS.
  3. Perform a grab so that the hitbox is active as blockstun ends.

Expected Results: Opponent performs a Yomi Counter.

Actual Results: Salt because you Yomi’d but did not Yomi (I labbed it because it happened to me in a match)

Notes: One of the clips shows an additional unrelated bug where Argagarg pushes the opponent off-screen during JS blockstun.

Tested with other moves (C fish, Geiger’s Time Spiral) but opponent Yomi Countered as expected.


Game Version: v0.12189