Beatting Midori's dragon form in arcade results in fighting him again

Beatting Midori’s dragon form in arcade results in fighting him again

Beating Midori’s dragon form in arcade triggers a rematch with him. It can happen unlimited times, as long as he is dragon form when you beat him.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Arcade Mode.
  2. Beat Midori while he is in dragon form.

Expected Results:
Have to fight someone else I didn’t fight before.

Actual Results:
Have to fight Midori again.

Midori can even take the place of the boss battle with 2 extra XP and faster Super recharge.


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10 64bit

***OP and thread updated as I think I found the cause of the problem


Yea had this happen to me as well playing as DeGrey.

This has happened to me multiple times in the September build.

Even more consistently, Midori isn’t the final boss anymore for me. He shows up some time during the run without bonus HP, sometime twice as described in the OP.

Eventually, the final opponent will be a random character (whoever I had not fought before) with the +2 HP buff that Midori boss had.
I don’t know if that boss also gets the faster super meter.


Same there, I just thought they changed the boss character.

EDIT: I just fought Midori 4 times in a row, one of which as a boss battle.

EDIT 2: I think the bug triggers when you defeat Midori in his draagon form, I’m not 100% sure though.

EDIT 2.1: Yep, I tested a little and am now positive that this bug is caused by beating Dragon Form Midori. Updating the OP.

I’ve encountered the same bug. However I noticed something else. If the second Midori beats you and you select to continue, you are now playing against another character.

So I played against Midori and I won the set while he was in Dragon Form. So then I was fighting against Midori again. This time he won, and when I selected to continue I was playing against Grave.