Blocking Offensive User Names

Just had a match against someone named “ISEEN*****KILL”. It’s frustrating to see something so blatantly offensive while I’m trying to enjoy the game.

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Very sorry about that; currently we don’t have a system in place to prevent this (as you can just change the displayname.txt at your leisure).

When the game is released it will use your Steam name, so normal naming enforcement would apply at that time. Sorry :frowning:


I suppose if I had thought it through I’d have realized that the full release would use your Steam name or PSN name. Good to know that offensive names aren’t something to worry about then.

As annoying as it was to see the name in this build, that’s the only offensive name I’ve come across, so I realize most people aren’t going out of their way to be gross. I’m still having a blast with this game.