Boss Rush is stuck after selecting first powerup

Boss Rush is stuck after selecting first powerup

When I start Boss Rush (connected to server or not) I have the option to choose powerup. After doing so, I get stuck on the powerup screen and have to exit to main menu to get back to normal. I’m unable to play the Boss Rush mode because it won’t start. All other modes work as intended.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attempt to start Boss Rush

Expected Results:
To be able to play Boss Rush.

Actual Results:
Stuck on first powerup select screen

Playing on Switch

will attempt to get screenshot and add it to this post

Game Version:

System Information:
playing on switch![screenshot

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Disregard. I restarted the application, and that seemed to fix the issue.

I got this same bug on Steam, also with Rook. I played a round of boss rush with Valerie without issue, but selecting Rook caused this problem. Closing the application and launching it again fixed the issue.

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