Character Levels displayed incorrectly

Character Levels displayed incorrectly

On the VS screen, the players’ character and player level data is displayed incorrectly if a player is on the 2-player side

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I have a level 1 jaina and a level 5 Grave
  2. I am playing as Grave, and I match up against a player who is playing as a level 8 Jaina and has a level 1 Grave
  3. I am matched to the second player slot

Expected Results:
I should be shown as a level 5 Grave and my opponent should be shown as a level 8 jaina

Actual Results:

my opponent will be displayed as a level 1 Jaina and I will be shown as a level 1 Grave



Game Version:

Windows 10211

System Information:

From what I understand, this is a “known bug” in the sense that they have the level stuff there purely as a placeholder/proof of concept.

ok…closed then