Controller mapped to the wrong player on internet game

Controller mapped to wrong player

When playing my first round on the F3S tournament, I joined the game with my opponent, my my xbox360 controller would not let me select my team.

When I held two buttons down to remap, it showed on my opponents side of the screen, and still would not let me pick my team.

I then ended up playing the game on keyboard

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Challenge a friend
  2. When on the character select, joystick didn’t work
  3. Held two buttons and remapped, but that didn’t work

Expected Results:
Allow me to selected my player

Actual Results:
No response, had to use the keyboard

I’ve just started a practice game, and the controller moves player 2, and not player 1. I’m guessing this is related?


Game Version: Latest steam release

System Information:
Hades Canyon NUC
Windows 10