Controller maps to both players

Title: Controller maps to both players

Summary: When I attempt to set my buttons by holding down two face buttons, the config comes up as expected. However my controller inputs map to BOTH players. After the config is over all inputs are doubled in the menus. This wasn’t happening until the most recent update (Jan 2019).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plug a wired Xbox1 controller (from amazon) into a USB-to-USBC adapter into the mac pro.
  2. Launch FS.
  3. Hold down two face buttons. When you hit a button, it will register as player 1 and player 2

Notes: I’ve been playing the mac version without issue for a while now.

Attachments: Video recording -

System Information: a Macbook Pro. I use this controller driver: without that driver, the gamepad isn’t detected.