DeGrey Air Super Freeze vs Valerie

Doing DeGrey Air super vs Valerie lags during the final frames of the cinematic.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Be DeGrey.
  2. Have Valerie opponent.
  3. Do Air Super.

Expected Results:
DeGrey flies across the screen.

Actual Results:
DeGrey pauses to think about life for a moment before teleporting across the screen.

Only works vs Valerie.
Sometimes messes up Valerie’s dress if done from her left side crossing over her head to the right.
Not just a Clocktower bug.


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 7 64-bit.

Happens on Windows 10. R9 290. However, works fine if graphics quality is set to lowest.

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Same graphics card ayyyy

except my quality is set to lowest I think

edit: nah just checked it’s only low

Related: Same thing happens when Geiger uses his air super vs Valerie.

Possibly related: There’s a momentary freeze when selecting Valerie on the character select screen.

Since both Geiger’s and DeGrey’s air supers cause the opponent’s model to disappear it seems that something funky is happening when the game tries to load up Val’s model.