DeGrey animation streaks don't take character color into account

Title: DeGrey animation streaks don’t take character color into account

Summary: When using DeGrey colors 3 or 7 (red gloves instead of white), the animation streaks for his hands (mainly on B,A and bA) are still white instead of being red like they should be

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick DeGrey
  2. Set color to 3 or 7
  3. Do bA or B,A

Expected Results: Animation streaks are the same color as his glove

Actual Results: Animation streaks are always white no matter what

Notes: DeGrey’s initial B backstep animation could use some animation streaks on it too, like Dudley’s backstep in SF3 : )

Game Version: May 2019

System Information: macOS


Lum normals’ streaks seem to only sort of take colors into account for color 8 (Blue Lum), given that they’re also partially white

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Confirmed this is happening and will be fixed in the next update.