Disconnected from the server on Switch

Disconnected from the server on Switch
I can’t play online. Every time I try it says “disconnected from the server”
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Boot up game
  2. See “Disconnected from the server” pop up.
    3)Select “Online” and see “Disconnected from the server” pop up.

Expected Results:
To be able to select online modes.
Actual Results:
Receive a popup that says “Disconnected from the server”
Tried deleting and reinstalling. Did not work. Game is stored in system memory. I am able to play other games online.
Picture of main menu and popup
Game Version:
Most recent as of 13MAR20
System Information:
Launch Nintendo Switch

Does it work now?

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks!, but, sadly, no. It still says the same thing :frowning:.

The games on your Switch that do work online, where are they stored? Also in the system memory?

No, the games that work are on cart (smash bros. and luigi’s mansion 3).

I have had the same issue for months on Switch. I have deleted and reinstalled, doesn’t work. The latest updates haven’t fixed this either. Is it possible that there is something wrong with my Sirlin account?