Evo 2017

We just got back from Evo 2017. Did any of you stop by our booth? If so we’d love to hear from you here on the forums. Did we win you over? did we not?

I had a great time and our booth was packed the entire time. 28+ hours of exhibiting. We had a lot of positive energy there, so much love to all you guys and girls.


Running brackets was great! Hope to see everyone else love this game as much as I do :slight_smile:


I had a great time playing your game on Friday and Saturday and the tournament was great. I enjoyed the game so much I backed it on Patreon and Fig. Can’t wait to go home from work to try out the online play.


I just looking on Twitter, everyone looks fun and happy.

I hope Sirlin Games and guys and girls come to EVOJapan2018 !