EX characters

From the Discord chatroom:

Final Atomic Buster - Midori as final boss in Arcade Mode kinda cheats. More HP, faster super regen, and Dragon mode lasts longer
GRAG - EX Midori

So…what would EX characters be? And what would they be used for? Or would they be redundant to suggestions already given for Arena Mode?

Maybe Grave’s wind fills up faster and Geiger’s charge gauge charges faster?

Geiger doesn’t lose Gear when he presses forward, has full control during time stop.
Jaina… doesn’t take damage from DP, shoots multiple arrows with air C, charges ground arrow faster?
Rook has iframes instead of super armor on his specials (help, the hugs are unstoppable!)
DeGrey has no recovery frames from ghost. Also counterhit pilebunker just knocks your opponent right out of the stage.

Geiger drains Gear when he presses froward instead of instantly losing it, can move during time stop but attacking ends it prematurely.
Jaina takes 1 chip from DP, charges ground arrow faster.
DeGrey has no recovery frames from ghost, ghost does chip damage.