Extra Dummy Settings

I thought I’d start up a thread where people can nominate any extra settings they’d like to see for the dummy in training mode.

I’d find it very useful to set the dummy (Jaina / Grave / Geiger) to spam you with projectiles, and even mix up the timing/strength of their projectiles to make it more unpredictable. This would help working out how to ‘get in’ for characters without their own projectile attacks.


A recording system for the dummy would be great.

Even more so I’d like to decide what the dummy should do as a wakeup or after blockstun: this game has the unique ability to have each move on either A, B or C, it wouldn’t be bad to use it.


What I would want in addition to the recording system would be the ability to record multiple sets. That way you can have the dummy choose to react with some or all of the sets chosen randomly. It would help to practice against specific setups against different characters.

I would also like the ability for the frame time for the button presses to show as well. It helps to break bad habits of mine when I realize I’m pressing too early or late.

Finally, a mode that shows the hit/hurt/push boxes would be very nice. But, the recording system is top priority for me.

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