[Free Weekend] Where are the macOS files?

My friend and I planned on playing Fantasy Strike this Weekend.
He is able to go online and play, since he has Windows. I have macOS…
On the download page for the Free Weekend it says that the mac files will be available here soon, but they still aren’t. I just refreshed them.
Does anyone / anybody know where the macOS files are?


Same here. I was curious if files were being held until the open alpha release.

Also hoping to see mac files, so I can enjoy this too!

Also waiting!

We are currently working on the Mac implementation, but unfortunately it’s not ready just yet. We definitely plan for it to be available to play this weekend, but we aren’t entirely sure when.

Very sorry to disappoint you. The files will be on the Free Weekend page as soon as they’re ready. I’ll send out a tweet and respond to this thread as soon as it’s ready.


I almost feel like us on mac should get an extra day as compensation. And I’m a little confused that it wasn’t ready at the same time as PC in the first place, as advertised. Set aside time to try this out, highly considering backing the project

Very sorry to have disturbed your weekend plans :frowning: We will consider adding additional time to the weekend to compensate.

Any estimate on when mac will be up? Do you think later today?

I am on mac as well, hope the files get up sometime today.

Maybe there are SECRET PLANS for another free weekend??? I don’t actually know anything. I just thought it would sound cooler if I speculated that way.


props for being optomistic, but at this point I’m just hoping the files are up today. If not, Obla Dee Obla Da…

Alright guys! So sorry to keep you waiting all day. The Mac version is finally ready.

You can download it at http://www.fantasystrike.com/freeweekend


@Leontes Thank you very much! Looking forward to playing :slight_smile: