Gameplay stuttering with V-Sync off

Gameplay stuttering with V-Sync off

Occasionally (around 15% of games) the gameplay stutters if V-Sync is off. It looks as the though the game is updating at around 20fps despite the fps counter showing a high framerate. This occurs in both multiplayer and singleplayer. The suttering continues until the match ends or, in singleplayer, the game is paused.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn off V-Sync.
  2. Go into training mode.
  3. Pause and unpause the game.
  4. Move the character around to see if the game is stuttering.
    Repeat steps 3-4 until stuttering is observed.

Expected Results:
Gameplay is smooth every time.

Actual Results:
Stuttering occurs around 15% of the time.

The suttering varies in severity, sometimes it’s severe and very noticeable and sometimes it’s mild.
This has been happening after I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I remember noticing stuttering on Windows 7 when using an aero theme but, oddly, switching to a basic theme seemed to remove the stuttering.

Game Version:
Latest Steam version.

System Information:
Windows 10.

This is caused by Windows’ Desktop Windows Manager using v-sync and triple-buffering on programs running in windowed mode. I don’t know the full details but disabling v-sync in-game doesn’t stop Windows from using v-sync and/or buffering on Fantasy Strike and this results in stuttering. It doesn’t look like these effects can be disabled in Windows 10 so It’s probably best to keep v-sync on in-game.


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