Geiger is apparently getting redesigned a bit. Time for wild speculation!

So apparently Geiger’s gameplay is getting a bit of an overhaul, since he’s perhaps a little too straightforward and possibly even a little dull to play at the moment (but by no means actually bad). I guess I don’t really have any especially good ideas for what this could entail, though I do have at least two thoughts going in:

• Maybe make his ground B have both a neutral and back version, so you can get the extra-slow Geigear that you could follow in at the expense of not filling the Gear Gauge at all?

• Maybe his air super Geigears could be replaced with Temporal Distortion, a timer-based thing like Midori has, where he just constantly has a full Gear Gauge even if he presses forward (and maybe the frame data is slightly tweaked to make his specials more combo-able?). Maybe take a play from the SF5 playbook and let him have two Geigears on screen at once, with an absolute minimum cooldown time between them instead of the relative “once the previous one is offscreen”?

Anyone else got any ideas on what might be cool ways to spruce up Geiger a bit, and change his gameplay from Meild to Weild?

I refuse to stop making dumb spelling puns and you should probably know that going in


What if his jaguar kick… was an SPD?

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what if his ground C turned into a command throw with armor

Actually, having a slower Geigear might get a little silly, since Grave’s wind already makes the regular one effectively just stop dead in its tracks in mid-air. A slower version might actually lead to backward Geigears, which might be a lot of fun for combo videos but probably not super useful in an actual gameplay situation

You will find out soon!

Vague claim: I actually find his new form more like he is in Yomi. As in, I spend a lot of effort trying to set up combos that would be a dream come true, but that are difficult (situationally) to make happen in a real match lol.



I’m particularly enthusiastic about this idea of setting up crazy moonshot combos that just might come together after all

Hooray for update! Can’t wait to get home and try out New Geiger

Loving the new Geiger. Who knew 2 normals could change so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal favorite thing to gun for every time: Meaty delayed Time Spiral into j.C 5A AB 5A 5C. Will basically never happen, but hype!! :open_mouth:


finally Geiger has a punch that we can spam in combo videos after the combo is over

When we get taunts in the game (are we?!) his should just be 4 sec of rapid fire jabs


Or maybe have multiple taunts as unlockables

I mean that has to be one though