Gloria character

I think we should get Gloria as a new character in the game, and I know how to design Gloria. She should be given several advantages and disadvantages to balance her out:


  1. Her ground super would be some form of Goku’s Kamehameha (from Dragon Ball series) which covers the entire ground in front of her, which only does 1 damage, it’s unblockable, and it cancels all projectiles except Argagarg’s poison fish. Enemies must jump and stay airborne long enough, or get behind her, to avoid it.
  2. Her air super would be a healing version of Valerie’s Rainbow Disk which heals any character inside of it, so she can stay in it to heal and remain invincible, but the opponent can also go in and heal too, so she has to keep the opponent out of her healing bubble.
  3. Her ground C would be like Midori’s ground C except it stops projectiles as well as physical attacks, but it does no damage and knocks the opponent away.
  4. Her air C would function like Geiger’s air B where it “pauses” her, but it will also be a self healing move which heals her for 1 health.
  5. Standing A would be a single upward swing with her golden rod kind of like Lum’s standing A. Forward A would have her dash forward and swing with her golden rod like Lum’s ground B. Back A would have her throw the golden rod forward and make it come back to her like a boomerang which can do a total of 2 damage if it hits twice. Air A is a downward swing of her rod which has range and can actually beat out normal anti-air moves like Argagarg’s back A.
  6. Ground B would have her spin the golden rod like a “fan” which can blow back grounded opponent’s and slow down incoming projectiles and she can hold down the B button to keep spinning as long as she wants.
  7. Air B allows her to do a quick teleport either forward or backward, kind of like the metallic Geiger’s air B, and she can hold either forward or backward to do the teleport and she can attack after teleporting.(edited)
  8. Her Yomi counter has her “stab” the opponent with her rod and “drain” 1 of their health to heal herself.


  1. She has only 4 health (making her weaker than Valerie and Setsuki) so she needs to rely on healing in order not to die and she has to avoid eating 4 damage combos like Setsuki’s C, A, A, S.
  2. She is as slow as Grave.
  3. She will have only 2 hit combos and no more than that, so she relies on healing, teleporting, trickery, and very short combos to win.

These strengths and weaknesses should make her a fun character to play.

I suppose that could potentially work. Not as faithful to Yomi as other characters, but it’s an interesting thought.

P.S. Who would be her voice actress?

Jennifer Hale

I see. My first concept had Haven Paschall voicing her, but Jennifer Hale could work. Though in the end it’s Sirlin’s choice.