Gwen move list brainstorming

an armored move that damaged her could definitely be interested
she would take 2 points of damage from that one button, so it must be REALLY good

maybe if it was a really fast DP with infinite armor?

Here’s kind of a wild idea.

What if Gwen is treated as kind of a high-mobility, low-health (5 HP) version of Rook, with the same emphasis on armored specials? For example…

B = armored version of Setsuki’s slide

C = armored slow command throw that “steals” 1 HP

air B = something like Valerie’s air B

air C = something like Setsuki’s air C

And maybe some unique normals and supers.


That’s what I had in mind, too!
It doesn’t use the mechanics from her Yomi deck, but I can imagine it catching the feeling well. Having her HP loss be emergent from her reliance on armor is cooler than an explicit timer in my opinion.

I think I would still prefer her healing to be on her Yomi counter though. Not sure if she should have a non-super command grab on top of things, but those are details one could figure out with a prototype.

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The other interesting thing that does is that it means that, being a 5 HP character, she can’t simply rely on breaking even with armored specials — she has to actually land some proper hits, too, and maybe steal some life.

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A 4 hit points character that steals the oppoent’s health would be fine with me.

The issue there is that, at 4 HP, she could conceivably die to a single combo, without even necessarily needing super meter (Valerie could do air A→air A, land, B→B for 100% damage). The 4-damage ceiling for ordinary combos is why the “low health” characters have 5 HP and the “normal health” characters have 6 HP.

On the other hand, hey, maybe she should be exceptionally fragile? But I could see that leading to some feel-bad swinginess, with a character who could go down in a single non-trickshot combo.

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That’s actually true, I haven’t thought about it.

Still, most bnbs do 3 damage however. To get 4 you usually need a setup, with Valerie being the exception.

I think it still might work, but it would need some perfect design behind her.

I wouldn’t overdo it with the frequency of the life leech and therefore rather keep her at 5 or 6.
She canonically relies on her sister to keep her alive so making it a major part of her gameplay seems odd thematically.

I’m still digging the armor at relatively-low-hp idea (and a slower armored move could lead into a combo to make it better than breaking even - chains of ice?) and think the lifeleech should mostly exist as a way for her to keep functioning at 1 HP. So either be a way to heal that isn’t usually worth the risk using but becomes necessarry to use to avoid certain checkmates (just like in Yomi) or not letting her heal at all and making her unkillable while she armors (maybe just during super).

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A super that on hit steals 1 life point and is fast charging wouldn’t be half bad to me, expecially if you can combo into it.

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