I have Midori two times in my ranked team

Title: I have Midori two times in my ranked team

Summary: I was in ranked queue with Grave+Valerie+Midori and in quick match queue with Grave. Once I got into a ranked match with Remy, my Grave was replaced by a second Midori. All victories were tracked correctly, except the random character select view couldn’t handle it well. No crashes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick Grave+Valerie+Midori for ranked and Grave for quick match queue
  2. Queue for both queues
  3. ??? (I have no idea, sorry)

Expected Results: Retain your original team

Actual Results: Have your Grave replaced by Midori

Notes: The game even remembers my double Midori team, so I can currently use it for future matches.

**Attachments:During the game

After I won **

Game Version: 0.15582

System Information: Windows 10

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After 5ish matches the game finally locked on a win screen (Remy (my opponent) should have won)

Also here is a link to the output log so far: http://m.uploadedit.com/bbtc/1538838582505.txt
There is probably also a fair bit of stuff from before the bug, so it’s quite lengthy I believe.

Fun fact: After some time, the game decided that Remy (my opponent) had left and gave me the win, although it really should have been my loss.

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I did in fact close the game down as it also had frozen on my victory screen for so long that I gave up and Ctrl+Alt+Tabbed and killed it, which is probably what the game detected as you “winning”…

So yeah, I still want my win back pls! :stuck_out_tongue: