Is this Ethical? - Post your favorite Fantasy Strike mixups here!

Hey guys, I’ve been making a lot of gameplay videos for Fantasy Strike for an upcoming project and I decided I would try to show off some of the more disturbing tech I’ve discovered!

Of course, feel free to post your own videos of insane stuff, max damage combos, interesting counter-hit setups etc. Despite its simplicity, Fantasy Strike has a lot of depth to it, and it would be great to have a place to post videos of shenanigans

I’ll start us off with a Setsuki oki mixup off of C Throw’s longer knockdown state:

To make this trickier, you can shoot off the Kunai higher or lower in your jump to mess up the timing for your opponent. Then you can do empty C jump into ground A, or if you’re close enough, you can start your C jump at various points, and Setsuki will flip over the opponent while the Kunai is coming. I didn’t do this much in the above video, but you can play with the timing a little so that the Kunai does or doesn’t cross-up, but in either case you can land an A into S right after if you hit.

Anybody discover any other interesting tech they’d like to share? Post videos/commentary here!


This is absolutely filthy! :open_mouth:


I’m still fond of Jaina’s j.A, f.A xx j.C to create a very ambiguous mixup for you to jump in with a crossup(?) j.A

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Does the xx indicate a pause of some length?

Ah! Sorry, still using old combo notation. “xx” means “cancel into”


I’m having trouble visualizing this, so could someone make a video of it? Or at the very least, could you try to make it a bit clearer? Like, I can’t even tell if the initial j.A hits them or not.

Haven’t seen the setup, but it sounds like Jaina divekicks, hits the opponent, goes into her jumping knee which knocks her opponent down. Immediately after hitting with the jumping knee, she fires an up-arrow, which presumably is the thing that confuses your opponent into blocking wrong when you divekick their wake-up?

A little Valerie mixup I like to do after a throw or an air Rainbow Stroke:
Jump over them before they’ve gotten up, then neutral jump into air B. They have no idea which side you’re on!
Leads to a hit close to 100% of the time.
If they get wise, just start doing air A instead. Should work fine!