Jumps incorrectly detected after throw

Title: Jumps incorrectly detected after throw

Using the Attack+Jump to perform a throw often causes me to jump directly afterwards, very occasionally the input seems to go into a repeating state.
I noticed this happening in actual matches, which is pretty frustrating, and then was able to reproduce it within a couple of minutes in training mode, with the caveat that I cannot consistently reproduce it.

This can happen on both whiffed and connected throws

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use Attack+Jump to perform a throw
  2. Meet some unclear conditions

Expected Results:
Character performs a throw, whiffing or connecting, and returns to neutral state

Actual Results:
Character performs a throw and immediately jumps, occasionally jumping multiple times

Observed happening to multiple characters


Game Version:
I don’t know because the game doesn’t make it immediately obvious.

System Information:

Are you using an Xbone controller?

You can also see the game version by going into the pause menu in the middle of a match. It’ll state the version at the top of the screen.