[Linux] Instructional videos don't play

Instructional videos don’t play

Hit up the learn section so I could try and learn about the character I want to use and the characters I want to fight against. Picked a video, it just faded out the menu and then back in. Player.log says nothing really useful: VideoPlayer - Error: Can't play movie [/home/tiz/Games/SteamLinux/steamapps/common/Fantasy Strike/FS_Linux_Data/StreamingAssets/Videos/video_valerie.mp4]

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Learn section.
  2. Try to play a video.
  3. Menu fades out, then back in. No video.

Expected Results:
Video plays, I learn things!

Actual Results:
No video! Didn’t learn anything.

The videos do work in VLC. Just not in-game.


Game Version:

System Information:
Xubuntu 16.04.1, 64-bit. Kernel 4.15.0. (default with this Ubuntu version.)

Confirmed for me too. I’m using Arch Linux, kernel 4.18, nvidia driver 396.51 and game version 0.15312.

We’re aware that this is happening. We don’t have a fix in the works right now, so it will be a while until it’s resolved. In the meantime on Linux, you can play the video files manually outside the game (using VLC or something), since they are just in a folder on your computer.