Mac Version: extreme delay

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I’m using a Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013, 2,8Ghz i7/8GB RAM.
Just installed the game from steam. It lags to the point where it’s actually unplayable. Not only online, but arcade and practice aswell.
Is this a current problem of the Mac version? Should i deinstall and try to get a refund?
I would love to keep the game

For Mac, there’s a general issue where it just doesn’t run as well. If you have a Window partition, it may run better on that.

Some general tips to get most performance out of your Mac:

  • Quit all other applications
  • Drop the system’s resolution as low as possible. I believe the reason this helps is that the system is drawing less pixels on screen, so doesn’t waste time drawing the same pixel to multiple pixels (like when you have retina resolution but playing the game in 720p).
  • Try to get your game’s resolution to match your current system res. Although going lower should be faster, I’ve found that making it pixel perfect gets best results.

Then beyond that, just lower your quality settings as much as you can. V Sync off will help too; since if you’re struggling to get 60fps anyway, turning it on just caps your fps to 30.

Sorry it’s not running great for you. We’re doing what we can to optimise the game.

I’m running on a late 2013 15" Retina MacBook Pro (the top-end model with discrete Nvidia GeForce 750M graphics) and I’ve found that the game tends to have some difficulty running at a good frame rate at anything but the lowest graphics, lowest resolution, and no vsync. If your computer is older (or about the same age but with lower-end graphics hardware) then it might be a challenge to get the game running acceptably.

One thing I did that may help for you is, I created a new user profile in the “Users & Groups” pane of the system preferences, and I use that profile exclusively for FS, to ensure that nothing else is running while I play (and the fast user switching feature means it only takes a few seconds to switch between that and my normal setup). I also use a resolution changer app called RDM that lets me set the display resolution to 1024×768 (not HiDPI mode), which seems to help somewhat as well.

Interestingly, I do have a more or less completely clean and fresh Windows 10 partition on this computer, and the performance on there is about the same as it is on macOS for me. You mileage may vary.

Thank you both for your help! I didnt expect you could change the graphics/resolution in the alpha version. Did that immediately, now it’s running alright. no significant delay. didnt try online though, i’m in germany and tha game can’t find any matches.
Great fun though! If this will run smoothely on the mac platform, it’ll be my main fighting game. there are not many alternatives apart from skullgirls, which i find to be too much work until it’s fun playing…

If you check the Steam friend thread, there are a few players in Italy you might be able to get good connections to!

Thanks, actually i got a student of mine to buy the game, so we could set up a match.
Shortly after that, i had 5 international matches in a row, no latency issues at all! So it definitely does work :+1:
Hope the game will develop a massive community!


I am having a similar issue on Mac. I have a 2015 with 2gb dedicated graphics and 16gb DDR5 ram. No reason for it to not brease through the game. Even at the lowest setting visually, I still cannot get it to stay much past 50 fps.

I also have a feeling, that -given the specifications of my macbook- the game should run more smoothely. The last days i had the game crashing several times (most of the time, the match would start, but both characters wouldn’t appear) , no possibility of returning to the main menu.
I do hope, that the developers will put some work itno the mac version, as i have a feeling that it might be denied due to its smaller userbase. hope that’s not the case.

This is not a case of ignoring the Mac version. Players on both OSs have reported that it’s not optimized good enough and on both OSs, there seem to be a few people who have much worse performance than everyone else. We don’t really know why that is but we’re working on it.

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Thanks for the reply, that’s good to know. Still excited by what this game might become!

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