Midori back throw loop

The dreaded Midori back throw loop should probably stop existing because of how good it is. Deals 2 damage on each and can’t be jumped out of in time. It’s also character specific, it only works on DeGrey Midori Rook Setsuki, and doesn’t work on Geiger Grave Jaina Valerie, so it’s also inconsistent.

this isn’t a bug, but a feedback, and it’s been a hot topic that’s already on the forefront of tweaks

if this is truly intentional, why would it only work on half of the cast?

that I don’t know

This is factually incorrect. You really can threaten to throw Grave, just take a small step.

Next, this is not a bug that he can throw loop. It’s an intentional part of the design, so it belongs as a balance suggestion.

Next, we will probably change the balance so that he can’t throw loop midscreen.

Also, even after that is changed, the exact distance that each character flies backward will vary by their size. That detail is too hard to adjust, so it will just be what it is.