Midori jnA does not display proper frame advantage/stats

Midori jnA does not display proper frame advantage/stats

When using Midori’s jnA, it does not display any frame advantage hitsparks on hit or block. In training mode, the frame advantage does not update when the opponent is hit by it or blocks it. Finally, if you jnA very close to the ground, the frame data displayed is incorrect. It will state there are 0 active frames, yet you can still hit the opponent.

Edit: It will display the hitsparks and correct frame advantage if you do not steer his jnA. If you steer it, then it will no longer display.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Choose Midori.
  2. Enter training mode.
  3. Hit the opponent with directional jnA.

Expected Results:
Frame advantage sparks are shown on hit/block. The frame advantage display updates. The active frames are accurate for low jnA.

Actual Results:
No hit advantage sparks are shown. The frame advantage display does not update. The active frames can show 0 when done low to the ground even though you can still hit the opponent with it.



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