Midori Moving While Guarding

Midori Moving While Guarding

Occasionally, Midori will be in his blocking animation but move around anyway.

Steps to reproduce:
Currently unknown. See below for two examples of the glitch occuring.

Expected Results:
Blocking will keep Midori in place.

Actual Results:
Here is a video link to the results.
It appears that he is carrying momentum from his special moves while blocking.

Some properties of the glitch are unknown to me, like whether Midori maintains the Armor of his Dragon C when in this glitched state.


Game Version:
v0.10992, the current public build as of 22 September 2017.


I would like to add that I have now seen Valerie do this as well.

This happens even on 0.11591, the latest public build as of 15 December 2017.

Could this be a specific interaction with Grave’s fireballs?