New walk-on animations (November update)

Are the new (v0.15780) walk-on animations, that happen right at the beginning of a match, intentional? Or is this a bug with the latest update? I wasn’t sure so I put it here.

I liked the old animations because they really gave a sense of each character’s personality, whereas the new animations are a lot less dynamic and seem quite generic across all characters.

Yeah, my take is also that the time savings from from the sped up roulette are more than enough, and that the new walk-in animations only save a second or two. If anything, I’d think that, if you’re going to cut the pre-fight animations, you might as well just have both characters already standing in place.

But I did really prefer the previous pre-fight intro animations, honestly, even if we never did find out just how Rook got so high up for his Superhero Landing.