Onimaru backdash bug with clockwork soldiers

Title: Onimaru B << and J S bug

Summary: When Onimaru summons his own friendly Clockwork Soldiers (Jump then Super) and he stands next to or on top of them, he cannot do a retreat via B << (B attack then choosing to backdash by double tapping back or holding back then pressing jump)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Summon your own Clockwork Soldiers (Jump then Super)
  2. As the entities inch across the screen, stand on or next to your Clockwork Soldiers
  3. Attempt to do a retreating move from B

Expected Results: Onimaru should be able to unleash his full range of motions and attacks from B stance even while your own friendly Clockwork Soldiers are blocking your way so to speak.

Actual Results: Onimaru does not do a backdash retreating move from B stance. However, he is capable of doing any other motion or attack from B stance. Forward dashing lets Onimaru attempt another B stance attack or a backdash, which he still can’t do.

Notes: I think the game is confusing the friendly Clockwork Soldiers as enemies and the game attempts to “block” (blocking referring to holding backwards to block attacks, since the retreating input is double tapping back, it might confuse this as blocking?)

Attachments: (Easy to replicate)

Game Version: 1.18962

System Information: Steam

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Nah cool bug though

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update.