Online play Control Issue (Analog)

**Title:**Analog stick control issue.

**Summary:**Unable to move using the analog left stick while playing online.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set controls for analog.
  2. Go into quick match.
    3)Unable to move with analog or D-pad.

**Expected Results:**Able to move about normally, works in practice will not work online.

**Actual Results:**Unable to move at all.



**Game Version:**PC

System Information:

Are you using a first party ps4 controller? That seems to be what the game was created with in mind, so if you’re using something else it might not be properly optimised for it at this stage in development. That’s just my own wild uninformed guess though, so don’t take it too seriously.

Yes I am, just a regular black dualshock that came with the system. Like I said it works in offline, and practice, and arcade. However once I go into online it just stops.

That’s really odd. You’re the first one I’ve heard this happen to. I hope you get it fixed tho.

Yep it looks like it’s a bug on our side, which happens if during controller setup (holding 2 buttons at the main menu), you use the analog stick as the “d-pad directions”.

As a work-around for now, you can use controller setup to bind the d-pad (not the analog stick) when it asks you for the d-pad, then you should be able to use either the d-pad or the analog stick correctly online.


XBOX360 controllers work just fine